Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I love celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  This past week Poppy Cat has been studying rainbows, and LEGOMAN has been studying about the life of St. Patrick.  Now it is time for a little St. Patrick's Day fun. 

We will start the day off with a treasure hunt.  I leave clues for the boys to find.  Each clue they find directs them to their next clue.  When we get to the final clue they will find their treasure.

This year I used recycled peanut butter jars (Poppy Cat loves his peanut butter).  I filled the bottom with Rolos and the rest of it with Skittles layering colors.  I used labels from I Heart Nap Time.  Then I tied on some ribbon.  The boys will love searching for their treasure in the morning, and I will enjoy watching them.  I love creating special memories that will last them a lifetime.

St. Patrick's Day Treasure, St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt
St. Patrick's Day Treasure
I will be making Irish Beef Stew, mashed potatoes, and Irish brown bread for dinner.  Then we will enjoy some lucky charm treats.  Enjoy your day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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