Monday, April 1, 2013

Resurrection Cupcakes

Happy Easter!

With all the commercialism of Easter, it is important to me for my kids to remember the true reason we celebrate Easter.  Thanks to an inspirational pin on Pinterest, I found the perfect Easter treat.   

Here is what I did for my kids this Easter.  I made chocolate cupcakes.  I tinted vanilla icing green to look like grass.  I used small doughnuts, and cut the bottom off so it would sit level.  I also inserted a toothpick into the doughnut for additional support.  I used the Candy Melts for the tomb stone.  I just made circles the size of a quarter on wax paper.  I let them harden and then placed them in front of the doughnut tomb.  I added a chocolate candy Easter egg for color.  I then printed off "He has Risen!" on card stock.  Cut it out and taped it to a toothpick. 

Resurrection Cupcakes
I also, made some with chocolate icing and green tinted coconut. To tint coconut, add coconut to a Ziploc bag with a couple drops of food coloring.  Poppy Cat loves green, so he loved seeing the coconut turn green.

Resurrection Cupcakes
My kids loved them. This helped keep our focus on the Lord.  Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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