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Monday, March 18, 2013

Will Your Kids Eat Kale? Mine Did and Loved it!

I am like any parent, excited when I can get my kids to eat any kind of vegetable.  Did I think my kids would eat kale?  No way!

Yesterday, we made a trip to Publix to pick up a couple of things.  My kids will try anything the Apron's chef is cooking for some reason.  When she served us, I thought there is no way they will eat that.  Proved me wrong again!  They ate every bit of it.   So guess what, I stocked my cart with the ingredients for the Irish Potato Colcannon and we were on our way.  As, I was stocking my cart I could not help overhearing another mom saying to her two kids, "I can't believe you ate Kale".  I then noticed she too stocked her cart.  We were on the same mission.

I made it tonight.  It was super easy and my kids loved kale.  Publix Apron's has become a major source for what's for dinner in our house.  I love that they are simple and quick and taste great.  I also, love that I can go in and sample it before I make another recipe that is not even worthy of leftovers.

Give it a try.  I hope your kids love it!


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