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Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY Crayon Organization

July 13, 2013 0 Comments
A little organization goes a long way.  Little Poppy Cat is always looking for a green crayon, his favorite color.  I found a fun solution browsing Pinterest, so I gave it a try.  The results were awesome.  Poppy Cat could not wait to organize all the crayons into the spots.  I labeled them with my P-touch label machine.  He doesn't read yet.  I hope it will motivate him to learn the color names while he sorts his crayons.

DIY Crayon Organizer
The original idea came from Aunt Peaches, be sure to check out her original post.  I modified the idea a little.  Here is what I did.  I used the box that trash bags come in along with the toilet paper rolls.  First I covered my box with card stock and added a printed a paper label from my computer.  Then I glued the bottoms of the toilet paper rolls to keep them stationary, since I have little one.  Finally, I added labels with the name of each color with my P-touch label maker. 

It was a simple, fun project and it makes my day a little easier.