Friday, March 15, 2013

Computer Programming Science Fair Project

LEGOMAN loves video games, just like most kids. This year he decided to do his science fair project using a free downloadable software called Scratch.  Scratch is designed with kids in mind, to make computer programming easier. 

We got our idea from the Science Buddies website and dove into a bunch of tutorials to learn how to use Scratch. I am happy to report that LEGOMAN took home a first place trophy in his homeschool science fair.

Here is a photo of his science board.

Create a Video Game for Science Fair, Computer Programming with Scratch
Scratch Video Game Science Project

If you would like to download Scratch you will find it here.

Listed below are two of our favorite tutorials for Scratch.


I hope your kids enjoy learning how to program their own video games.  Let me know how it works out for you.


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  1. My son is also extremely interested in the engineering side of the science fair. Our dilemma is finding out if you follow the scientific method or utilize the engineering method. Did your son write a hypothesis and follow that method, or did he "define a need" and do the engineering method? I've been looking for guidance all over the web and at his school, but have not had any luck. His teacher said that the science fair coordinator at his school is unfamiliar with the engineering guidelines. If your son wrote a hypothesis, what type of question did he ask for the creation of a video game? Mine is wanting to create a robot and do the programming to make it move. Thanks for any and all help you can give me. My e-mail addy is johannalittleton@gmail.com