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Thursday, March 28, 2013

He Died for You & Me

Easter is on it's way!  I love celebrating Easter.  The colors are so bright and beautiful.  There is new life all around us in spring.  My favorite part about Easter is that, Jesus died for you and me.  About a year ago, I found a wonderful pin on Pinterest for Easter.   As soon as Easter was on its way, I could not resist getting started on this beautiful arrangement.

Here are my creations!
Easter, Plant Arrangment

Easter, Plant Arrangment

Easter, Plant Arrangment

I created three arrangements.  One to keep and two to give away to my mom and mother in law.  It was a really easy project and I found most of my stuff at the Dollar Tree.  Here is what I found:  3 clear liners, bag of dirt, three baskets, bag of rocks, and 3 small clay pots.   If you are counting that's $7.00 plus tax.  I did have to buy grass seed, that was around $4.00.  The sticks were from my crape myrtle tree.  I had some left over cord from beading and used my glue gun to secure the cord to the sticks.  I did splurge for the word rocks from Joann Etc. What a great price for such a cute idea. 

The grass grows really quick. I just sprayed mine with water whenever it looked dry a couple of times a day.

Have a great day!

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