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Monday, April 1, 2013

Product Review: No Tangle Styler Brush

I brought this brush last week at my hair salon.  I have to share that, this brush is awesome.  It combs out your wet hair without even feeling like you are brushing your hair.  My hair is long and tangles easily so, I don't look forward to brushing it out after washing it.  I have to say since my new discovery, I love brushing out my wet hair. 

My kids love it.  They don't complain when I brush their hair anymore.  Since I brought home my new brush, Poppy Cat is brushing his own hair.  This is just another dancing in the rain moment.  I love it!

Product Review, No Tangle Styler Brush
No Tangle Styler Brush
You can find the No Tangle Styler Brush here.  This is my personal opinion.  I have not been compensated at all for my opinion.


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