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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Milk Top Ladybug Counters

 DIY Ladybug Milk Counters,
Ladybug Milk Top Counters

One of my favorite things to do is, to make things from recycled materials.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have been studying bugs.  I decided to make use of some milk tops to make these cute ladybug counters.  They are super easy and a cute way to practice counting. 

Here is what I did.  I used 10 red milk tops, glued eyes on top, and used a black paint pen (a sharpie works well too) to make the face and dots.  I made my ladybugs with one to ten dots on them.

I then made a page with numbers from one to ten for the ladybugs counters to be matched up with. I could not resist making a container to hold my counters in.  I love those parmesan cheese containers!  They make great recyclable games and storage.  I did the same thing to the top of my cheese container to make it look like a ladybug.  I covered the sides with green cardstock to make it look like grass. 

Poppy Cat enjoyed counting the dots on the ladybugs and matching them up with the right number.

Happy homeschooling!


 DIY Ladybug Milk Counters,
Ladybug Milk Counter
 DIY Ladybug Milk Counters,
Ladybug Math Game

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